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Teen Wolf BigBAng AU ♠

This is my Teen Wolf AU BigBang post for beacon_hills

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Teen Wolf AU: According to the legend, banshee are usually connected to a specific werewolf, it's a special bond like the one between two soulmates. Imagine the surprise when the pack discover that Lydia's wolf is Peter Hale.

Teen Wolf AU: Stiles is missing. Scott needs help and he doesn't want to call Derek because the werewolf left the town with the intention to not come back but he has no choice. Derek's reaction is unexpected and less than one day later he's in Beacon Hills. They don't trust each other but they need to work together to find Stiles and bring him back.

Teen Wolf/Supernatural AU: There is a prophecy about the end of the world. There are seven gates of hell and there are seven demons that can open these gates and start the apocalypse.
It’s about demons and Stiles Stilinski, because he’s not just a kid, he’s one of the keys. For Sam and Dean Winchester it means start again to fight a war against hell.
The problem is that this time the enemy is a seventeen year old boy. He’s loved by a father, he’s part of a werewolves pack and there’s a monster that loves Stiles so much to die for him.

Teen Wolf AU: In which Derek is feral and Stiles wants to help. Of course there will gonna be consequences. And a lot of sex.

Teen Wolf AU: « Listen to me you selfish, arrogant son of a bitch. Darkness is biting my tail and I’m not talking about the simple absence of light, I’m talking about nightmares, monsters under my bed, the kind of dark that bring you in a mental hospital. I know that sounds stupid, but I’m having these nightmares and you die all the time. So please Derek, tell me that you’re okay, tell me that you’re safe. Please. » It’s the seventh message that Stiles leaves in Derek’s voicemail since Monday morning. It’s afternoon.
There are panic attacks and nightmares since the sacrifice that Stiles, Scott and Allison did to find the Nemeton and save their parents. Stiles is having the same dream every night: Derek dies in a different way every time and he can’t save him, no matter how hard he tries.

TEEN WOLF AU: Hellhound!Derek and human!Stiles. Stiles' father die during an armed robbery at the local bank, so he makes a deal with a crossroad demon to bring him back in exchange of one year only. Twelve months later the demon sends his hellhound to take the boy but things don’t go exactly as planned. Somehow in the middle of this situation, the hellhound fell for the human boy.


1. Crossroad blues - Robert Johnson | 2. Highway to hell - AC/DC | 3.Oh death - Jean Titus | 4. Angel with a shotgun - The Cab | 5. Demons - Imagine Dragons | 6. Hell - Disturbed | 7. Can’t fight this feeling - REO Speedwagon | 8. I will follow you into the dark - Death Cub For Cutie

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